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Drama Classes Point Cook

If you are trying to find the best children’s drama classes in Point Cook, then you would be glad to hear that Super Speak will be opening in Point Cook in 2016 (details here). Here are some things we feel you should consider when finding the best drama class program for your child:

1. Check the qualifications and skills of the teachers. Are they experienced at teaching groups of children? Are they registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching? Are they accredited Trinity Guildhall or AMEB Speech & Drama teachers? The more “yes”es you get, the better!

2. How are the classes structured? If theprogramme has a clear longer term structure, it will more likely deliver better learning outcomes. For example, if a drama programme advertising that they include “public speaking” skills, it is best to ask specifically how these skills are planned and structured. You may also like to check how the classes align to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) or the Australian Curriculum.

3. Understanding your child’s needs. Different programmes focus on different areas and have different expertise. Are you interested in helping your child develop practical life skills and communication skills through drama and speech activities? Or is your child a budding young actor or performer who need to fine tune their stage and performing skills (singing, acting and dancing)?

For great drama classes in Point Cook, check us out at Super Speak. We make drama and public speaking classes fun for all students to learn in Point Cook and we teach practical life skills and achieve great results. Join over 1000 other children each year who learn the Super Speak methods across Melbourne – click here for more information about our classes in Point Cook!