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Speaking Public Kids

If you are a parent searching for the best public speaking programme for kids, then this is for you.

Choosing the right public speaking programme for kids is kind of like trying to choose a transformer toy… There is often “more than meets the eye”. In an earlier post of ours titled “public speaking children”, we briefly touch on WHY great public speaking classes are important for children. Now we will explore WHAT to look for and HOW to choose the best programme for your child aged 6 -16 years old.

Here are 5 things to consider when finding the best public speaking programme for your child:

1. Do the classes look fun? We believe this is the most important of all. When a child has fun, their learning outcomes are often much greater. You can also often get a “feel” for a programme by looking at their website, by speaking to the principal or by having your child attend a trial class.

2. Are the teachers experienced, accredited, qualified and skilled at teaching children? To help your selection process, you may like to ask question such as: “Are your teachers members of the Speech and Drama Teachers Association of Victoria (SDTAV)?” or “Are your teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching?” or “Are your teachers accredited Trinity Guildhall or AMEB Speech & Drama teachers?”. All of these are associated with learning skills in teaching children. The more “yes” answers you get, the more experienced and qualified they are likely to be to teach your child.

3. Do the children get the opportunity to practice the skills over time in a non-competitive environment? Just like a great swimmer learns to swim well over a long period of time, so too must a good public speaker. It takes regular practice and coaching to become great at anything. Children benefit more when they explore the subject over time and have the opportunity to be coached on a weekly basis. They also build greater confidence, self belief and self esteem when they practice in an environment that is non-competitive at the core.

4. How structured are the public speaking skills in the programme? A programme with a strong long term structure can help ensure the programme delivers in more areas over time for your child. It will also benefit a child more during their schooling life if the programme is focussed on connecting to, and complementing the school curriculum as much as possible.

5. Does the programme allow children to trial a class? It is common for a child to be unsure if they want to attend public speaking classes. Trying a class often helps eliminate any concerns or barriers a child may have. More often than not, once they try it, they can’t wait to go back!

If you are looking for great public speaking classes for childre in Melbourne, please check us out at Super Speak. Our aim is to make public speaking fun for all children to learn across Melbourne. We have a unique approach, leading curriculum and positive teaching methods that help achieve great results. We teach over 2000 children skills in public speaking each year across Melbourne and would love to help more children learn these skills. If you are interested in having your child attend one of our free trial classes in Melbourne, contact us today! So if you were one of the many parents searching “Speaking public kids“, hopefully this will help you in your search. Good luck!