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Join Australia’s most experienced provider of public speaking programs for kids.

Build your child’s public speaking, presentation skills & confidence with our multi-award-winning online group classes for ages 7 – 14.

Our popular, fun & interactive online group courses are open to children across Australia and beyond. Join over 60,000 students who have trusted Super Speak since 2006.

Learn from some of Australia’s most experienced educators & teachers. Appropriate for children of all abilities, confidence & skill levels. Students must be proficient in English to join.

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Join Us & See The Difference!

  • Leading curriculum: designed by experienced industry professionals & qualified teachers 🏆
  • Proven & effective: over 9,200 students have successfully completed our online courses 💗
  • Great teachers: learn from some of Australia’s most experienced & skilled educators & teachers 👩‍🏫
  • Great culture: fun, energetic & supportive. All levels of confidence & abilities welcome 🤗
  • Better learning outcomes: our online courses are designed specifically for the online learning environment 📈
  • Trusted & experienced: our original programs are proven, effective & highly commended since 2006 👐
  • Strong industry affiliations: with reputable speech & drama examination boards 🏫
  • Student resources: course materials provided to support learning at home 📖

💻Weekly ONLINE Group Classes

Super Speak’s live, interactive & fun online weekly group classes have been proven to boost students skill & confidence in public speaking.

Our teacher-lead classes are designed to provide children aged 7-14 with a broad understanding & experience of public speaking & presentation skills.

Importantly, our online curriculum is designed specifically for the online learning environment. It is different to our in-person classes, ensuring our students gain the maximum learning outcomes at Super Speak.

Your child will learn how to prepare & present a range of different speeches as well as develop other communication skills they can use every single day.


If you would prefer our in-person venue classes across Melbourne you can check those out here.


When experience matters, choose Super Speak:

⭐ Australia’s most experienced provider of public speaking programs for kids

⭐ Trusted & proven since 2006

⭐ Highly experienced & qualified teaching team

⭐ Comprehensive & proven curriculum developed over 25yrs

⭐ Loved & commended by over 60,000 families

⭐ Award-winning education program

Why choose online classes?

Save time: no more venue drop-offs or pick-ups
Convenience: learn from the comfort of your home
Access: access our courses & expert teachers from anywhere
✔ Continuity: develop skills regardless of restrictions
Learning preference: online is the preferred learning style for some children

 Join any time of the year
All skill levels welcome
No experience necessary

Speak Well. Perform. Achieve
Email: [email protected].
Call: 03 9572 5249 (+61 3 9572 5249)

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Learn from great teachers

Our amazing teachers set us apart.

Our teachers are experienced and skilled at teaching children and are great role models for young people.

Our curriculum has been developed by a team of qualified teachers and industry leaders over a period of 25 years.

You can rest assured that your child is in the best hands.

Prefer in-person? We have that well covered too 🙌. Check out more information about our public speaking venue program across Melbourne here.

Public Speaking Teachers - Super Speak

  • Why choose Super Speak?

    Small class sizes: only 8-10 students in our online classes!
    Trusted: Join over 60,000 students & families who have trusted Super Speak since 2006
    Leading Curriculum: developed by Australian industry professionals & qualified teachers
    Experienced Teachers: Our teachers truly set us apart! Learn from some of Australia’s most experienced & skilled educators & teachers. Our teachers have on average 1500 hours experience each for teaching children.
    Proven: Join over 9,200 students who have successfully completed our ONLINE classes
    Better learning outcomes: our online programs have been designed specifically for online learning. We do not use the same curriculum or teaching methods we use in our in-person classes.

  • How many students in an online class?

    Our online classes usually have between 8-10 students. Our online class sizes are smaller than our venue classes because because they run a different style of curriculum & different classroom dynamics that is more tutorial style learning and conducive to online learning.

  • How long is enrolment for & what are the fees?

    Our minimum enrolment period is for one semester (=2 x terms).
    Course semester dates change each year.
    👉 Check out our website for key dates (
    We run one class a week for a full semester (2 x terms)
    Each semester usually has either 19 or 20 weeks.
    The course fee works out to be $26 a week.
    ✅ We recommend students complete a full 12 months to receive the full benefits.
    Students can join any time of year.

  • When are classes held?

    ⏰ Our online group classes are held once per week on Zoom and run for 55 minutes. Weekly Zoom class timetable options can be found on the "venues & times" page on our website.

    Students can enrol for a minimum of 1 semester (=2 x terms).
    👉 Students may join at any time during the semester if there are any vacancies, and fees will be pro-rata.

  • Are your online classes different to in-person?

    Yes. 😊
    👉 Our experience shows that both WHAT and HOW we teach children online must be approached differently to how we do it in-person. This truly achieves the best learning outcomes.

    ✅ For that reason, our curriculum and teaching methods for our online course are different to that of our in-person program.

  • What ages do you teach?

    Our online classes are for ages 7-14:
    - Juniors = ages 7-9
    - Seniors = ages 10-14

    👉 We recommend students join us from age 7 (year 1 or year 2). Please contact our office if you wish to discuss this further.

  • How do I enrol?

    Enrolment is simple - click the ENROL NOW button on the top right corner of this website (
    We will then be in touch to allocate a place. As our classes usually fill quickly, we recommend selecting 2 class preferences on enrolment.

  • I live interstate, can my child join?

    ✅ Of course! 😊 Children from all states and territories have enrolled in Super Speak online courses to learn from some of Australia’s most experienced & skilled educators & teachers. All times listed on our website are based on Melbourne Australia time (AEDT). As per our terms, we also have a strict competitor exclusion for any child of a guardian/parent that may be associated with any other education, public speaking or performing arts based program and have systems in place to monitor and track these terms.

  • I live overseas, can my child join?

    ✅ Of course! 😊Children from across 8 countries have enrolled in Super Speak online courses to learn from some of Australia’s most experienced & skilled educators & teachers. Student’s must however be proficient in English to join. All times listed on our website are based on Melbourne Australia time (AEDT). As per our terms, we have a strict competitor exclusion for any child of a guardian/parent that may be associated with any other education, public speaking or performing arts based program and have systems in place to monitor and track these terms.

Vicki Skyring - Principal

  • B Ed (Teaching)
  • BA (Performing Arts & English)
  • Licentiate Diploma Speech & Drama Trinity Guildhall
  • Experienced teacher for 25 years
  • Private speech & drama coach 25 yrs (Trinity, AMEB & ASCA syllabus)
  • Experienced Victorian speech & drama adjudicator
  • Experienced youth theatre director

Benefits that last a lifetime

  • Build creativity & quick thinking
  • Speak with greater clarity and expression
  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Build self awareness & leadership skills
  • Learn practical performance skills
  • Communicate with confidence & purpose
  • Learn structured public speaking skills
  • Overcome nervousness & build assertiveness

  • Confidence.
  • Communication.
  • Creativity.

The value of great communication skills:

We were thrilled to receive this news from a parent about the achievement of some of our Super Speak students. For privacy reasons we have removed their names.

“Hello Super Speak, Just a quick note to tell you some exciting news. <Child 1> and <Child 2> are the School Captains. <Child 3> is one of the two Sports Captains. <Child 4> and <Child 5> are house captains. So all 5 of these Super Speakers have done very well in our school! To get a captain role the kids had to speak in front of all Grade 5’s and their teachers, the assistant Principal & Principal. Then for those kids that were shortlisted for School Captain, they had to be interviewed by the Principal.”

This is testament to the value of strong communication skills! These students have been in our program for over 2 years and will be great leaders for their school.

🗣 What people are saying:

“I just want to thank you because I recently got a spot on our school year six leadership team and we had to do a speech and it went really well thanks to 2 years with super speak!!! Thank you for your help!!!” Student, Chadstone

“He looks forward to every session and comes home so excited. He gets such positive energy from every session which carries over into other areas of his life – such as social interactions and sporting activities.” Justine Mackey, Kew, Parent

“I have seen both my children develop in confidence – most of all, they have fun and are growing.” Simone Curtin, Camberwell, Parent

“She has LOVED Super Speak since her very first class & we have seen such improvements in her confidence & speech. Before Super Speak she would not have been able to stand/present in front of a group of adults and I was so proud of her on Saturday. Your teachers are wonderful & engaging & the program works! Thanks so much. I’m excited by the improvements that she is making and how she continues to enjoy the class week after week.” Louise, Moonee Ponds, Parent

“Over the time that my daughter has attended Super Speak, I have seen her confidence and skills in public speaking develop. These skills have transferred to her reading and performing in public as well as planning and writing a speech. Andreana has loved the teachers that she has had and they have challenged her and developed her and are an absolute credit to your team. A BIG Thank you!” Simone, Parent

“We have noticed a vast improvement in the way he speaks and articulates his opinions and shares his thoughts and ideas with friends, family and at school.” Alanna, Bentleigh, Parent

“Let me take this opportunity to commend your organisation’s professionalism that has been clearly evident since day one. The programme is fantastic. I am so glad that he is a part of this experience.” Richard, Glen Waverley, Parent

“Super Speak has contributed immensely to the positive development of our 7 year daughter Joanne. We could see the positive impact it had on our child during the year. When Joanne started Super speak she was a bit on the shy side but one year into the program she has emerged as a confident speaker with a clear understanding of the nuances involved in public speaking. The teachers are fantastic, the venues appropriate, as well are the parent sessions. I would highly recommend Super Speak to any parent/child anytime.” Anil, Parent, Hillside

“I’m very grateful to SuperSpeak for teaching me skills that I used to help become the Toys R Us Chief Toy Tester. After 6 years at Super Speak, I still look forward to every class because I know I will learn something new or get to practice what I have already been taught.” Alanah Khor, Glen Waverley, Student. Check out one of her videos here:

“It was so fantastic to see what the kids have been working on and I have been so impressed at the things they have been learning. They have got so much more out of this program than any other drama class she has done.” Sarah, Chadstone, Parent

“…thank you for all your positive support & encouragement in helping with her public speaking and self esteem. Keep up the great work….Super Speak is making a real difference in her life – so thank you..” Kathy, Brighton, Parent

“He was already confident but Super Speak has helped him structure his thoughts when speaking. His school teacher commented at our last parent teacher interview how his speaking has really improved. We have also noticed he adds much more expression at his night time reading when reading aloud to us. We are convinced it is a result from what he is learning at Super Speak. We cannot recommend this program highly enough!” Jeremy, Canterbury, Parent

“I really love the program and congratulate you for the creativity and professionalism you bring. It is hands down the most worthwhile and best quality activity Eve has ever done. Thank you again!” Hannah, Glen Iris, Parent

“Thank you so much for your wonderful support this year. Your generosity of time and your passion for your craft is a standout for me. Thank you for taking an interest in our son and working with me to expand his ‘life skills’ base. I am truly grateful.” Jenny, Canterbury, Parent

“Thank you for creating an accepting environment that allowed our son to be himself and interact with other children freely. I think this helped with improving his self-esteem and demonstrated alternative to school environment. I know it is not easy and I am glad we found such a professional programme who can bring the best in children.” Stacey, Mt Waverley, Parent

“She has started taking on leadership roles at school” Rohan, Ashburton, Parent

“It has given her confidence and a wonderful way of expressing herself” Michael Stamford, Glen Iris, Parent

“The content was fabulous, very kid friendly. Very Engaging. Brilliant!!” Kalinda Primary School, Teachers

“I was scared before but I feel better about speaking up now” Ellie, Malvern East, 7 yr old student

“Entertaining, engaging, stimulating for students. Age appropriate and hands on – Fantastic!” Wheelers Hill Primary School, Teachers

“She absolutely loves super speak and cannot wait for Monday’s to roll around :)” Elise, Rowville, Parent

“I really enjoyed watching all those children perform. I also had a feeling that, all of those little minds will grow up to be wonderful human beings with great communications skills one day.” Riz, Lysterfield, Parent