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Drama Classes Altona

Drama Classes Altona, Melbourne

Are you searching for the best drama classes for your child in Altona? Then you have come to the right place.

Once you have researched the market, ask yourself these questions to ensure you find the best drama classes in Altona:

1. Are the teachers qualified and experienced? Look at their qualifications and skills at teaching drama to groups of children. Are they registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching? Are they accredited Trinity Guildhall or AMEB Speech & Drama teachers? Also check the qualifications of the person who sets the class plans. The class or curriculum plans are equally as important as the teacher teaching them.

2. How structured is the curriculum? A well-structured class is more likely to deliver better learning outcomes . For example, if a drama program advertises that they may help your child develop public speaking skills, it may pay to specifically ask them how these public speaking skills are planned and structured throughout the year. You could also enquire how the program aligns with the Australian School Curriculum. Many programs have the children working on scripts or plays over a full term and therefore have less time to focus on learning a wider set of  skills. Other programs spend more time learning and practicing a wider range of new skills whilst still incorporating script and scene work. If you are looking for something that will not only be a fun and creative outlet for your child, but will also help accelerate their learning of practical skills, then this is worth considering during your search!

3. Will your child enjoy themselves and have fun? When a child has fun, their learning outcomes are often much higher as they are often more engaged and energised. You will get a feel for a programme by looking at their website, speaking to their principal or attending a trial class.

If you are looking for great drama classes in Ivanhoe, then please consider Super Speak. We aim to make drama and public speaking classes fun for all children. We operate our classes in multiple venues across Melbourne including Altona Meadows. Super Speak is an award winning program that offers leading curriculum, great teachers and positive teaching methods that have helped many children learn practical life skills and achieve great results. Click here for more information about our drama classes in Altona.