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Debating Classes Melbourne

When it comes to debating classes in Melbourne for your child, do not settle for second best! Super Speak offer public speaking & debating workshops during school holidays across Melbourne for ages 6-14. We also offer public speaking & drama classes during school term. At Super Speak we pride ourselves in offering the leading public speaking & […]

How to help your child be a better public speaker

Public Speaking For Children. Every parent has the opportunity to teach their child the foundations of one of life’s most valuable skills. The skill of effective communication and public speaking. Public speaking happens every time we communicate in public, not just on the rare occasions we find ourselves standing behind a microphone. With this understanding, we gain a real appreciation of […]

How To Make Great Impressions & Achieve More In Life

We live in a society where first impressions count. Is there a simple way for you to stand out from the crowd & make more positive impressions in your life? Is there a simple way for you to be that greenfish in a sea of goldfish? Yes there is. At a recent speech we gave […]

Public speaking and the fun theory

“Something as simple as fun, is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better”  The Fun Theory. The benefits of taking the stairs over the escalator are clear, but few people actually do it. By injecting something as simple as fun, is it possible to actually change people’s behaviour? Check out the results […]

Public Speaking Workshop For Schools

When it comes to public speaking workshops for schools and any other education programme for your school, do not settle for second best. At Super Speak we pride ourselves in offering the leading public speaking workshops for kids. We help our students build confidence, communication skills and creativity by offering the highest quality curriculum, great teachers and a supportive […]

Public Speaking Classes For Kids

Public speaking classes for kids. If you are looking for the best public speaking classes for your child, consider the below points carefully. Choosing the right public speaking classes for your child is kind of like trying to choose a transformer toy… there is often “more than meets the eye”. Here are 6 points that […]

Public Speaking Classes Altona

Public Speaking Classes Altona, Melbourne Are you searching for the best public speaking classes for your child in Altona? Ask yourself these important questions to ensure you find the best public speaking classes in Altona: 1. Are the teachers experienced, accredited, qualified and skilled at teaching children? Ask questions like: “Are your teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of […]

Drama Classes For Children

Drama classes for children can have many more positive impacts on a child’s development than most parents often anticipate. When selecting extra-curricular activities for a child, most parents are limited by time and money and are faced with the decision of selecting only a few activities for their child each year. These decisions need careful consideration […]