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Public Speaking Competitions For Kids

Public speaking competitions for kids are a great way for aspiring & competitive young speakers to develop their formal public speaking skills, gain confidence and showcase their talents. But not all children like competing when it comes to public speaking, and that is perfectly fine too. The most important thing is for children to gain […]

11 Tips To Help Kids Deliver A Great Story

In a world filled with endless possibilities and boundless imagination, storytelling holds a special place for young minds. Whether it’s weaving captivating tales or presenting a school project, the ability to deliver a great story is a valuable skill that can leave a lasting impact. At Super Speak, we understand the importance of fostering effective […]

How Kids Can Select A Great Speech Topic

When it comes to assisting your child in selecting a great speech topic for their school presentation, embarking on a journey of exploration and creativity can lead to better outcomes, ensuring that the topic is interesting, suitable, and relevant for the audience. As a guiding force, whether you’re a parent or teacher, you have the […]

Persuasive speaking structures that kids can use

Picture your child as a poised speaker, adept at engaging audiences, shaping opinions, and leaving a lasting impression whenever they speak. This isn’t a far-off aspiration; it’s the art of persuasion, and today, we reveal some strategies that can help make it a reality. In the realm of effective communication, speeches serve a myriad of […]

How to help your child with public speaking

Helping your child become a confident and effective public speaker is a gradual process that takes time. Whilst some tips and tweaks can be applied with immediate effect, seeing true life-changing results happens over many months and many speeches. Here are some practical ways to help your child with their public speaking: Encourage your child […]

Mastering Persuasion: Harnessing the Power of Rebuttals

Have you ever aspired to be a more persuasive communicator, whether it’s within the familial confines of your home, during school leadership meetings, in the worlplace environment, or even in the dynamic arena of formal debates? Look no further, for delving into the art of rebuttals is your first step on this captivating journey. Rebuttals, […]

8 tips on how to use palm cards effectively

Picture this: you’re on stage, ready to deliver a speech that could captivate your audience. You’ve got your notes on palm cards in hand, but here’s the twist—these little cards can either be your secret weapon for success or a daunting distraction that sends your message off course. How you wield them determines the outcome. […]

10 Tips To Persuade & Influence Your Audience

No matter what your age, being able to persuade and influence your audience during a speech is a key skill that can help you effectively communicate & deliver your message to others for any speech and in life in more generally. Here, we take a look at ten tips to help you persuade and influence […]

How your child can practice and prepare for a great speech

When it comes to equipping your child with the tools to deliver an exceptional speech, the magic lies in the process’s bookends. The ‘top’ of the process involves preparation before you even start writing, while the ‘tail’ entails ample practice once the speech is penned. Developing the skills of thorough preparation and practice is essential […]

How to hold palm cards when giving a speech

When giving an effective speech, it is common to use cue cards (or palm cards) as a reference to your key talking points. But how should you hold your palm cards? Here are 5 tips to help you hold your palm cards appropriately when giving a speech: Hold the cards in your non-dominant hand (the […]