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Drama Classes Glen Iris

Drama Classes Glen Iris, Melbourne

Did you know there are now award winning drama classes held in Glen Iris? Super Speak drama classes Glen Iris may be just what your child needs in their life!

Just like a good sports person needs to practice regularly over time to build their fitness, so too do good communicators and performers. We call this building your “perform fitness”. At Super Speak, both experienced and new children are fully involved in all weekly activities and encouraged to develop their perform fitness at their own pace. By teaching our students new skills and building their perform fitness, we help them realise a range of results that help them speak well, perform and achieve more in life.

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1. Learn practical skills

We are proud of our unique curriculum that teaches children practical life skills in a structured and fun manner. Drama is a valuable tool in building life skills such as self esteem, imagination, creativity & communication (and it’s fun!). This forms a large part of our programme. However, drama and acting alone do not provide sufficient structure for good public speaking, presentation skills and confidence in speaking abilities. Over the course of each year, our programme balances structured activities in both public speaking and drama to ensure children gain more practical skills for life.

2. Build confidence

We understand that children come to us with different levels of confidence, maturity and ability. Our small class sizes and experienced classroom teachers help ensure we are able to identify & nurture individual student talent and confidence. Whether your child is very shy, very outgoing or somewhere in between, we can accommodate their needs. We encourage our students to develop at their own pace, and we praise all efforts.

3. Gain experience

We provide a pathway for children to experience presenting in front of an audience. Whether it be in front of class mates, in front of parents, or on stage in front of an audience, our students can put their skills to practice and develop in ways that suit their individual needs. Most important of all, we have loads of fun whilst we do it!

4. Improve school life

Our programme is connected to, and compliments areas of the Australian School Curriculum, Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) and the NAPLAN writing genre to ensure our students can achieve more in their school life. We often find our students become more confident in school. The Super Speak programme is also run in many schools across Melbourne.

5. Skills that extend beyond school life

Developing public speaking and drama skills can help you achieve more in your personal and professional life as an adult. On a professional level, employers rate ‘soft skills’ such as public speaking & communication skills of highest importance in the recruitment process, well ahead of the importance of academic and professional qualifications. (Source: Virgin Media Business survey of 5,000 businesses).

6. Surround yourself in a positive environment

We pride ourselves on being positive, energetic, welcoming and supportive. Our class values that are shared by all children include: supporting each other, having a go, respecting others, listening to others and taking turns. All are values we feel are great in everyday life!

7. Develop more over time

Our unique Progressive Learning Plan™ ensures that we have a long term structured programme so that our students continue to learn new practical skills over the years they are with us. Whether they enrol for 6 months or 10 years, our students will continue to learn new skills, without repeating the same class once.

If you are looking for great drama classes in Glen Iris, then you should explore Super Speak. Our aim is to make drama and public speaking classes fun for all students to learn. We operate our classes in multiple venues across Melbourne including one in Glen Iris.