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Drama Classes Malvern East

Drama Classes Malvern East, Melbourne

Did you know there are award winning drama classes held in Malvern East? Super Speak drama classes Malvern East may be just what your child needs in their life.

Just like a good sports person needs to practice regularly over time to build their fitness, so too do good communicators and performers. We call this building your “perform fitness”. At Super Speak, both experienced and new children are fully involved in all weekly activities and encouraged to develop their perform fitness at their own pace. By teaching our students new skills and building their perform fitness, we help them realise a range of results that help them speak well, perform and achieve more in life.

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Super Speak can help your child:

  • Build creativity & quick thinking
  • Develop confidence & self esteem
  • Build self awareness & leadership skills
  • Learn practical performance skills
  • Communicate with confidence & purpose
  • Learn structured public speaking skills
  • Overcome nervousness & build assertiveness
  • Develop in a safe & supportive environment
  • Have loads of fun & make friends

If you are looking for great drama classes in Malvern East, then you should explore Super Speak. Our aim is to make drama and public speaking classes fun for all students to learn. We operate our classes in multiple venues across Melbourne including one in Malvern East.

To find out more about Super Speak, contact us on 9572 5249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”>

Hello, I am  Vicki Skyring. Mother of two, public speaking & drama teacher and owner of Super Speak. We are here to help you and your children