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Drama Classes Melbourne

Drama Classes Melbourne

3 things every parent should consider when trying to find the best Melbourne drama classes for their child.

1. Who has designed the Melbourne drama classes?

When it comes to educating children, do not settle for second best. Look for a programme designed by qualified school teachers with at least a bachelor in education. What teaching experience do they have? Are they registered and recognised teachers with the Victorian Institute of Teaching?

Super Speak is designed by a team of experienced teachers who are lead by Vicki Skyring. Vicki’s background and experience includes a Bachelor of Education (Teaching); Bachelor of Arts (English & Performing Arts); Associate Diploma Trinity Guildhall Speech & Drama; Licentiate Diploma Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama; experienced classroom teacher of 20 years (Independent & Public Schools); Speech and Drama coach for over 20 years teaching Trinity, AMEB and ASCA; experienced Victorian Speech & Drama adjudicator and youth theatre director. Vicki has also owned Super Speak since 2006. Vicki has taught the Super Speak programme in over 100 Melbourne independent & public schools and is the principal of the Super Speak programme that is run outside of school hours across Melbourne.


2. What is the primary focus and specialty of the Melbourne drama classes?

Pay close attention to what the programme focuses on and specialises in and whether that aligns with what you are looking for. For example, some programmes are geared towards singing, acting and dancing, whilst others are more geared towards teaching speech and drama. Some programmes focus on developing children talents for the stage or for TV, whilst other focus on developing more practical skills for everyday needs such as speech and drama. Some programmes spend a lot of their time rehearsing for an end of year concerts or shows, whilst others spend less time rehearsing and more time doing & learning.

Many programmes state that they do everything for everyone, but if you do your research you will soon understand what each programmes’ primary focus is, and whether that aligns with what you are looking for.


3. Are the classes fun and educational?

When a child has fun, their learning outcomes are often greater. You can get a feel for a programme by looking at their website, speaking to their principal or having your child attending a class to see for themselves.


At Super Speak we pride ourselves in offering the leading drama classes in Melbourne. We help our students build confidence, communication skills and creativity by offering the highest quality curriculum, highly qualified and skilled and a supportive & fun learning environment. Our smaller class sizes and safe learning environment helps our students blossom more over time and learn practical skills that last a lifetime.

For more info about our Melbourne drama classes, email or phone 03 9572 5249