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Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama!

Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama.

Does your child love role playing at home?

If they do, you should considered drama classes. The skills a child learns in the drama classroom can help them develop a more positive outlook on daily life. Drama classes teach children a wide range of skills that can help strengthen their character. These include quick thinking, improvisation, role playing & expressive skills. These drama skills can help a child become more flexibile, adapatable and resilient to what life throws at them.

We see it with our students each year in our Super Speak drama classes.

If you are looking for great drama classes for kids located in Melbourne, please check us out at Super Speak. Our aim is to make drama and public speaking classes fun for all students to learn across Melbourne. We have a unique approach, leading curriculum and positive teaching methods that have helped many children achieve great results.

If your child thinks life is one big role play, consider the benefits of sending them to a drama school.