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Public Speaking Melbourne

If you are trying to find great public speaking classes in Melbourne, then you can not go past us of course (our details our here)! But if you don’t live near our Melbourne venues, here are 3 things worth considering:

1. Speech fitness: Just like a good sports person needs to practice regularly over time to build their fitness, so too do good communicators and performers. At Super Speak, we call this building your “speech fitness”. For optimum results, we recommend that students find a programme that run regular lessons to ensure they are learning and practicing new skills over time.

2. Pathways to gain experience: Will the classes help you or your child gain experience presenting in front of an audience? Whether it be in front of class mates, in front of parents, on stage in front of an audience or at an exam. Just like how a new swimmer first must gain confidence by practicing in the water, the same goes for public speaking.

3. Teachers: are they experienced, accredited and skilled? As we touched on in this post, effective communication involves learning and practicing both verbal and non verbal skills regularly over time. Finding a great teacher to work with is often the best first step. A qualified Speech and Drama teacher with specific experience in teaching public speaking can be one of the best places to start. To check if a teacher has Speech and Drama qualifications, you may like to ask if they are accredited Trinity Guildhall or AMEB Speech & Drama teachers. If this relates to lessons for a child, be extra cautious in your choice and make sure the creator and or teacher of the program is a qualified school teacher. This will mean they are more likely to be skilled at teaching in a way that will achieve the best learning outcomes for children. Some programs are designed and taught by people skilled at the craft (i.e. public speaking), but without any qualifications or experience at teaching children.

If you are looking for a great classes in public speaking in Melbourne, please check us out at Super Speak. Our aim is to make public speaking fun for everyday children and adults to learn across Melbourne. We have a unique approach, leading curriculum and positive teaching methods that help achieve great results. We teach over 2000 students skills in public speaking each year across Melbourne, and would love to help more people learn these skills.