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How your child can engage an audience when giving a speech

Learning the art of audience engagement and fostering participation during a speech is a valuable life skill that regrettably eludes many youngsters (and even adults). Devoting a little time to honing effective communication skills can equip your child with abilities that will serve them throughout their lifetime. Not only will this elevate their school presentations, […]

4 Non-Verbal Tips To Help Deliver A Great Speech

All great communicators focus on their non-verbal aspects when giving a speech. By carefully including the below public speaking non-verbal tips in your next speech, you will enhance your message & engage your audience in a more meaningful way. A study done by Albert Mehrabian in the 1950’s demonstrates that when it comes to communication […]

How To Reduce Kids Public Speaking Nerves

Helping kids overcome public speaking nerves and stage fright requires a combination of reframing, plenty of preparation, relaxation techniques, experience and support. By using the below tips, you can help your child build confidence & overcome their fear of public speaking. 1️⃣ Shift Your Child’s Perspective from Getting to Giving: When it comes to public […]

How Kids Can Research For A Speech

When preparing a speech, many people dive straight into writing. However, dedicating more time to upfront brainstorming and research can transform a good speech into a captivating and engaging one. In this blog post, we explore how children can effectively research for a speech and provide tips on evaluating information. Research plays a pivotal role […]

The importance of everyday communication skills for kids

In this fast changing world, the need to focus on being skilled and adept at everyday communication skills has never been greater for children. In the past 10 years there has been growing concern amongst parents regarding the amount of time children spend on devices & in-front of screens. This will continue to rapidly grow […]

Unlocking Your Child’s Non-Verbal Speaking Skills

When is comes to effective communication skills and delivering your message to others, much can be achieved through non-verbal speaking skills for kids. Spending time with your child learning & practicing non-verbal speaking skills can have significant lifetime pay-offs. Not only can it help improve their effectiveness as public speakers, but it can also develop […]

Public Speaking Classes in Point Cook

Boost Your Child’s Confidence and Communication Skills When it comes to enhancing your child’s confidence and communication skills, enrolling them in public speaking classes in Point Cook is a stellar choice. However, finding the right program for your child is an important step. Here are some areas to consider when choosing the best program for […]

Drama Classes Epping

Discover the Best Drama Classes in Epping For parents searching for the best drama classes in Epping, Super Speak brings exciting news! We’re now open in Epping, offering even more opportunities for your child’s growth and development. As you start your research to find the perfect drama classes in Epping, consider the following areas: 1. […]

Public Speaking Classes in Epping & Craigieburn

Public Speaking Classes in Epping & Craigieburn If you are looking to boost your child’s confidence & communication skills, be sure to consider enrolling them into public speaking classes in Epping or Craigieburn. When trying to find the best public speaking classes for your child in Epping or Craigieburn, ask yourself these three important questions: […]

Public Speaking Classes in Truganina & Tarneit

Unlock Confidence with Public Speaking Classes in Truganina & Tarneit If you’re on the lookout for ways to boost your child’s confidence and communication skills, don’t miss the opportunity to enrol them in public speaking classes in Truganina & Tarneit. When searching for the ideal public speaking classes tailored to your child’s needs in Truganina, […]