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How to help your child be a better public speaker


public speaking for kidsEvery parent has the opportunity to teach their child the foundations of one of life’s most valuable skills. The skill of effective communication and public speaking.

Public speaking happens every time we communicate in public, not just on the rare occasions we find ourselves standing behind a microphone. With this understanding, we gain a real appreciation of the possibilities that may arise for those that are comfortable and effective public speakers and communicators.

No matter what life path a child chooses, their ability to communicate well will help them stand out & achieve more (click to tweet).

And as with many things in life, learning starts at home. So we thought it would be valuable to ask leading parent writers and bloggers, from their experience, what's one effective way a parent could encourage or model good communication skills for their child from home?

How to make great impressions & achieve more in life

We live in a society where first impressions count. stand-out-and-achieve-more

Is there a simple way for you to stand out from the crowd & make more positive impressions in your life?

Is there a simple way for you to be that greenfish in a sea of goldfish?

Yes there is.

Public Speaking Children

Public Speaking ChildrenPublic speaking skills should be accessible for all children to learn from a young age.

In everyday life adults are judged on their style of speech and how they express themselves both verbally and non-verbally in public. Learning these skills from a young age can help your child get more from their school years and their life ahead. However, choosing the right classes for your child is a very important step.

A good choice could see your child love the subject for life, but a bad choice could see your child fear public speaking for life.

Drama Classes Point Cook

Drama Classes in Point Cook, Melbourne

If you are trying to find the best children's drama classes in Point Cook, then you would be glad to hear that Super Speak will be opening in Point Cook in 2016 (details here). Here are some things we feel you should consider when finding the best drama class program for your child:

Drama Classes For Kids

When it comes to selecting drama classes for kids, do not settle for second best.

guyIf you are considering enrolling your child into great drama classes, then you can not go past us of course (our details our here)! But if you don't live near our Melbourne venues, here are 4 important things to consider to help you find the best drama classes for kids in your area. 

1. Are the classes fun? When a child has fun, their learning outcomes are often much greater. You will get a feel for a programme by looking at their website, speaking to their principal or attending a trial class.

2. How structured are the classes?  A programme with a strong long term structure is more likely to deliver in more areas over time for your child. For example, if a drama programme suggests they include public speaking skills, it is best to ask specifically how these skills are planned and structured.

The ultimate guide - 50 tips to help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills

Public speaking tipsWe have compiled a list of our favourite public speaking tips for you. We hope it helps you consider some new ways in which you can explore and improve your public speaking skills.

If you make it all the way to the end, you will note the 50th point is left blank so that you can help complete the list by leaving a comment stating what you think would be a great "50th" point.

So here are 50 top public speaking tips...

1. Apply the V.A.K. attack: Most people tend to have a preferred learning style which relates to how they receive and process information. Some people prefer information to be presented visually, others prefer auditory and some respond better to kinaesthetic experiences. If you can combine these three elements in your delivery, you can come closer to matching your audience's preferred style of receiving and retaining information. 

Public Speaking Melbourne

guyIf you are trying to find great public speaking classes in Melbourne, then you can not go past us of course (our details our here)! But if you don't live near our Melbourne venues, here are 3 things worth considering:

1. Speech fitness: Just like a good sports person needs to practice regularly over time to build their fitness, so too do good communicators and performers. At Super Speak, we call this building your “speech fitness”. For optimum results, we recommend that students find a programme that run regular lessons to ensure they are learning and practicing new skills over time.

2. Pathways to gain experience: Will the classes help you or your child gain experience presenting in front of an audience? Whether it be in front of class mates, in front of parents, on stage in front of an audience or at an exam. Just like how a new swimmer first must gain confidence by practicing in the water, the same goes for public speaking.

Public speaking and the fun theory

“Something as simple as fun, is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better” The Fun Theory.

The benefits of taking the stairs over the escalator are clear, but few people actually do it. By injecting something as simple as fun, is it possible to actually change people’s behaviour? Check out the results in here...

public speaking courses for kids

Public speaking course for childrenWhen it comes to public speaking courses for kids and any other education programme for children, do not settle for second best.

If you are in the process of selecting a public speaking course for your kids, we encourage you to consider these key questions.

17 tips to help you overcome public speaking nerves (from some of the best public speaking bloggers)

Overcome Public Speaking nervesPublic speaking has widely been cited as the no.1 fear of adults - ahead of the fear of heights, financial problems and even death! Mark Twain was famously quoted saying "There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars".  

We contacted some of the best public speaking bloggers from around the world and ask each of them the same simple question:

What is your most unconventional but effective tip to help children and adults overcome public speaking nerves?”

What follows is a comprehensive resource that contains some powerful insights and tips (for adults and kids) from a range of very experienced people on the subject. We hope you find this a great place to get some inspiration.

Hello, I am  Vicki Skyring. Mother of two, public speaking & drama teacher and owner of Super Speak. We are here to help you and your children speak well, perform & achieve
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