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Drama Classes Altona

Drama Classes Altona, Melbourne Are you searching for the best drama classes for your child in Altona? Then you have come to the right place. Once you have researched the market, ask yourself these questions to ensure you find the best drama classes in Altona: 1. Are the teachers qualified and experienced? Look at their qualifications and skills at teaching […]

Children And Self Esteem

Children and self esteem is a common topic many parents contact us about every year. Thankfully there are proven and effective ways to help most children boost their self esteem available for parents today. Professionals recognize that a healthy dose of self confidence and self esteem in a child usually helps them realise their full potential […]

Drama Classes Ivanhoe

Drama Classes Ivanhoe, Melbourne Are you trying to find the best drama classes for your child in Ivanhoe? Then you have come to the right place. Once you have researched the available options, be sure to ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure you find the best drama classes in Ivanhoe: 1. Are you getting the best teachers? Look at […]

Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama!

Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama. Does your child love role playing at home? If they do, you should considered drama classes. The skills a child learns in the drama classroom can help them develop a more positive outlook on daily life. Drama classes teach children a wide range of skills that can help strengthen their character. These include quick thinking, improvisation, […]

Speaking Public Kids

If you are a parent searching for the best public speaking programme for kids, then this is for you. Choosing the right public speaking programme for kids is kind of like trying to choose a transformer toy… There is often “more than meets the eye”. In an earlier post of ours titled “public speaking children”, we […]

Drama Classes Melbourne

Drama Classes Melbourne 3 things every parent should consider when trying to find the best Melbourne drama classes for their child. 1. Who has designed the Melbourne drama classes? When it comes to educating children, do not settle for second best. Look for a programme designed by qualified school teachers with at least a bachelor in education. What […]

Drama Classes Essendon

Drama Classes Essendon, Melbourne Are you trying to find great drama classes in Essendon, Melbourne? Be sure to ask yourself these 3 important questions to ensure you find the best drama classes in Essendon: 1. Are the drama classes well structured? It is more likely that well-structured classes will deliver better learning outcomes over time. For example, if a drama […]

Drama Classes In Melbourne

If you are trying to find the best drama classes in Melbourne for your child, then you can not go past us of course (our details are here)! But if you don’t live near our Melbourne venues, here are 3 important points every parent should consider. 1. Are the teachers accredited, qualified and skilled at teaching speech and drama? Are they experienced […]

Drama Classes Hampton

Drama Classes Hampton, Melbourne Are you trying to find great drama classes for your child in Hampton, Melbourne? Super Speak may be just what you are after (details here). When searching for the best drama classes in Hampton ask yourself these 3 questions: 1. Is it well structured? If the classes are structured well with longer term in view, they are more […]

Drama Classes Rowville

Drama Classes Rowville, Melbourne Did you know there are award winning drama classes held in Rowville? Super Speak drama classes Rowville may be just what your child needs in their life. Just like a good sports person needs to practice regularly over time to build their fitness, so too do good communicators and performers. We call this building your “perform […]